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Welcome to Dynamic Results

Dynamic Results has been one of the most successful broadcast advertising agencies on the West Coast for years (est. 1988). We have grown from serving numerous clients in the Pacific Northwest and west coast markets to become one of the most successful “local” agencies in the U.S. and Canada.

We have a very documented track record of achieving incredible client RESULTS. We are very “hands on” working with clients to maximize every advertising dollar, creating phenomenal ROI. We are considered one of the leading broadcast advertising experts on the west coast and within the last five years, our reputation has spread across the nation. Most of our clients come from referrals. Because of our expertise, we are sought out for writing business and marketing articles about broadcast advertising. Sparky is now making himself available for speaking engagements or staff training.

Broadcast Is Our Lifestyle

Today, most successful businesses have changed their marketing and advertising to keep up with America’s rapidly changing lifestyles and media habits.

Broadcast and Internet advertising is a specialty. Most advertising agencies actually have little or no working experience or track record in broadcast advertising. Dynamic Results truly is one of the most experienced broadcast agencies anywhere in the Northwest. Our track record of broadcast success and expertise is very well known and highly respected.

Most adults get news and information from TV, radio and the Internet. This is why most industry leaders focus on electronic advertising to best reach potential customers.