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My father and I have to admit, when we first engaged with Sparky & Dynamic Results we didn’t quite know where this relationship was headed. Not knowing Sparky, he came in to meet with us in his flashy visor, Hawaiian apparel, matching loafers, uber-confidence and we we’re taken aback some. He said give me a shot so we gave him 1 market and quickly saw the drive/passion he had for making the phone ring via TV advertising early on with his restless pursuit to achieve the results we outlined. 

Fast forward to 2021, 5 years later and many millions of dollars in revenue generated via TV in over 12 DMA’s nationwide and counting, Sparky and Dynamic solutions strategies have delivered for our business. Even in a tough year like 2020, with pandemic and a presidential election, Sparky overdelivered by adapting his own “hands on approach” to get in front of TV executives (not account execs) to make the phone ring like it has never before. We couldn’t keep up at many stages throughout last year. If anyone doubts his hands on approach, next time you’re on an Alaskan Airlines flight…ask them about Sparky and you’re sure to get a response from the attendants or pilots! 

The results have been great, but even more important we celebrate 40 years in business this year so there’s nothing we haven’t done in regards to lead generation including adapting with the digital age. The TV strategies outlined by Sparky and Dynamic Results have lifted every boat in our lead generation bucket (online & offline) to create even more success as Sparky’s motto of “arouse the TV viewers curiosity” works! Better yet, the strategy we have developed doesn’t center around gimmicky promotions to get the phone to ring, he has a proven strategy that works and is cost efficient at the same time.  

Del Thebaud
Marketing / Partner
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Gutter Helmet